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Permanent ID Labels

Permanent ID Labels for an Engine Maker What makes a label permanent? Does “permanent” mean a superhero with 10x the strength of a normal human couldn’t pry it off with their enhanced strength? It would be marvelous to have such a label! In this case though, permanent refers to the fact that it is not […]

Barrel Labels – Whiskey or Wine, Anyone?

Barrel Labels and Lumber Tags – Whiskey or Wine, Anyone? While some people may not like the strong taste or smell of whiskey or wine, you certainly can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into perfecting such spirits. Part of this fine art involves storing and aging in just the right types of barrels. The quality […]

New Retro Hits the Racks!

Over the years, we have seen many variations in retro-reflective labels. The entire concept of using reflective films stems from their original use on metal highway signage, but those engineering-grade (or tougher) materials had course, bumpy finishes created from large beads of glass key to reflecting light. They are great for silk screening words and […]

What Does Halogen-Free Mean?

From time to time EIM is asked to provide statements concerning RoHS, REACH and Halogen Content. All of this relates to “green” initiatives, primarily started in the European marketplace concerning substances that are not environmentally friendly, and in many cases are downright dangerous. In regards to “Halogen Content”, we are specifically talking about Chlorine, Fluorine, […]