Meet The Label Experts – Marissa

“Getting a customer on the phone is really important, taking the time to have a conversation with them and understand exactly what they need is my top priority.” – Label Account Manager Marissa Marissa in car

Marissa Salisbury’s knack for problem solving and attention to detail make her the ideal person to help guide customers through the complex world of labeling. As Team Alpha’s newest Account Manager, Marissa splits her time between helping customers find the perfect label solution for their application and expanding her product knowledge.

When asked about her favorite labeling project to date, Marissa reflects on the work she did with a luxury door manufacturer. “They were looking for a solution that would adhere to cardboard boxes, door frames, and glass doors. In the past, they had difficulty finding labels that wouldn’t peel up. The final solution also needed to be removable/reusable and leave zero residue behind. This was a tall order. However, with help from our Products Department, we were able to locate a solution for them,” she remarks. “Solving the unsolvable is something I look forward to doing more.” Donkey standing outside in a field

Multiple times a year, Marissa makes the trip to the Lone Star State to visit friends and stay at her family’s ranch. The ranch is occupied not only by her parents, but also horses, longhorns, and recently the addition of a baby donkey (take note of the jumbo ears to your right).

However, her time in the great outdoors isn’t limited to out-of-state trips. Back in New Hampshire, when she’s not being a Label Expert, Marissa spends time caring for and riding her two horses. Her passion for her horses is one she shares with her children as well, who often accompany her to the barn.

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsTexan or not, Marissa would love to help you solve your labeling challenge. Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn.