Label Expert Culture -This is How We Roll

At EIM, the people may make the labels, but the people also make the place. Cultivating a positive culture is one of our company’s top priorities. Within the last year, we’ve realized that while employees naturally contribute to our environment (through their kind actions, uplifting spirits, and corny jokes) it was time to increase our focus on making 20 Forge Street a place everyone is glad to walk into every day. That was how the Label Expert culture Engagement Task Force (ETF) was born.

EIM Label Expert Ice Cream truck handing out ice cream in parking lot

The ETF is a voluntary group of employees who meet periodically to discuss ways to increase engagement in the workplace. Our engagement efforts range from surveying employees for feedback, to planning EIM events, implementing ideas from our company suggestion box, and arranging activities that help improve interdepartmental communication. It’s not all fun and games, but sometimes it is.

EIM winter games winners

It’s not unusual to walk past one of our whiteboards and find a riddle waiting to be solved. Exercising our brains is just as important as exercising our bodies, which we’re looking forward to doing this Spring on our newly cleared walking trail. And national holidays (especially pizza related), are often celebrated accordingly. On a less cheesy note, the feedback and input that we acquire through our efforts is reported back to the Management Team, who utilize the information on their end to help EIM evolve.

The changes we make, programs we implement, and activities we run vary in type. Sometimes they change our physical space, other times they change our mindsets. Sometimes they create laughter, other times they create awareness. Sometimes they’re healthy, and well sometimes they’re ice-cream. But our time and energy are spent working towards one goal: to foster EIM Label Expert culture engagement.

Do you have any thoughts/comments/ideas for us? Drop them in our ‘virtual suggestion box’: Contact Us