Food Laboratory Boosts Efficiency with Label Design Software – Customer Spotlight

Scientist testing food
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Companies and food laboratory scientists involved with the handling and packaging of food products have to be extremely careful of safety practices. Manufacturers are mandated to follow strict packaging and labeling guidelines set by federal legislation. These labels carry all sorts of information through the supply chain, such as handling instructions, inspection legend, net weight, etc. Barcode labels are perfect for the food industry, capturing product information, quality testing, and maintaining accurate inventory tracking.

EIM has worked with the food and beverage industry for years, supplying facilities with on-demand printing solutions and all kinds of made to order labels for dry, wet, or frozen conditions. One of our valued food industry customers reached out in need of a printing system that could scan a barcode on a food container, and then replicate that information on a new printable label. They would affix them to things like test tubes, petri dishes, and plastic bags that would be stored in both hot and cold conditions, to test and ensure quality of their food products.

We happily provided our go-to label software BarTender®  to fulfill their needs. By hooking a scanner directly to their computer via USB, they were able to scan barcodes to populate certain fields on their label template, and then print them without ever having to input data.

This is just one of the many ways The Label Experts have helped out customers in the food industry. Need labels for vacuum sealed packages, laboratory equipment, or wax corrugated boxes? Try filling out our info form to request free samples or download BarTender® software to see if automating your labels boosts your systems efficiency.