Customer Spotlight: Let There Be Lights!

What do Destiny’s Child and Toby Keith have in common with the Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramids, and the Summer Games? No, it’s not fame. We’re thinking of something on a much smaller scale. It’s not the chaos that seems to ensue around those people or places either. In fact, it’s much more discreet and ‘behind-the-scenes.’ It’s the sort of thing that not many people think about – but subconsciously they truly enjoy. It’s something that completes the whole experience of seeing these people or places in all their glory… It’s light!
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Lit up Eiffel Tower and the dark night sky The technological expertise that is involved with architectural and theatrical lighting is incredible and not as easy as some may think. Imagine being responsible for the illumination of such places or events! Not just that, but try to imagine just how many lights it takes to light up structures as huge as the Eiffel Tower, the Christ Statue, or the Great Pyramids! The cities of Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and El Giza are depending on these lights to bring their amazing structures to a whole new level of incredible perspective come nightfall! No pressure, right?

Well, one of our interesting customers does this type of work on a regular basis. They provide large format, cutting-edge automated lighting effects for everything from celebrity tours, special events, TV shows and movies, and fixed installations with exciting proprietary color mixing, special lenses and synchronized beams. They accept the orchestration challenge and have all of their lights sorted and ready for their big displays, but they need one thing… another unsung hero in this lighting feat—organization! Just as they have hundreds of thousands of lights, there are just as many cables and wires attached to those lights and their power sources! They can’t afford to get them mismatched, or worse, forgotten!

It’s these tiny details that make us think about the amount of work and precision needed to make these remarkable displays run smoothly. One solution as simple as cable labels dramatically helps to keep cables sorted, identified, secured, and organized. Cable labels can be printed with human readable information as well as barcodes to correspond to the correct lighting device or equipment marked with a duplicate label – ensuring a correct match every time.

To make labeling cables even easier, they can be printed one at a time or on full sheets. They come in two basic formats: 1) Custom vinyl labels in roll form for thermal transfer printing or 2) Stock sizes of laser or inkjet printable polyester sheets. The custom labels can be made in any size with white or color-coded print blocks. The stock labels come with white print blocks in 11 standard sizes, including sizes to fit the popular CAT 5 and CAT 6 network cables. Both types of material are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but most importantly, our cable labels are self-laminating which means they wrap completely around a cable and back over the printed information to protect them from anything thrown their way! And don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to design them; they come with a free cable label template to keep the job simple!

Now, the show can go on without a hitch! And you can rest easy knowing that everything is where it should be, connected as it should be, and protected—as it should be.