Tube Labels – Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel®, Helping in Advancing Personalized Patient Care

Tube Labels for the Caps & the Tubes

Laboratory vials resting labeled with Data Matrix barcodes resting on a wooden table - tube labels

Complex data analysis, algorithms, mass spectrometry, multivariate tests, molecular profile, differential diagnosis, therapeutic intervention… oh my! Early stage research, personalized medicine, serum proteomic test, advanced non-small cell lung cancer, epidermal growth factor inhibitor… huh?!

Don’t worry. It’s complex for us—yes, but not for one of our clients. We’ll leave the fully integrated molecular diagnostics to them! They are experts in amassing data that ultimately leads to early diagnosis and improved patient care.

In turn, they are leaving their labeling needs to us―which to laymen may seem just as daunting as integrated molecular diagnostics! (OK, maybe not.) Anyway, they had particular specifications which they hoped could be met. To help their operations run smoothly and efficiently, we offered a complete labels-with-printing-and-scanning system :

  • A small desktop printer that could also provide human readable information―without breaking the bank! SOLUTION: An affordable high quality, high resolution Zebra 300 dpi printer.
  • Printing software to link with their LIMS program with the ability to interface and draw unique ID’s mapped to specific data fields. SOLUTION: Our BarTender® Enterprise Automation software.
  • A barcode scanner to read their labels. SOLUTION: Our Motorola/Symbol DS6708 allows them to read both 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Vial labels for 2.0 mL cryovials containing clinical samples that must withstand freezing cold, cryogenic temperatures. These samples of patient tissues would be received on dry ice (-65⁰C).
    • One label to wrap around the vials, yet still allow the vial contents to be seen.
    • A second label would be applied to the caps of those same vials that have a 0.50” diameter. (That’s where 2D barcodes work best.)
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SOLUTION: It was a hefty order, and full of specifications that made our job interesting. They chose our 685 Clear Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel® tube labels with a 2.375” x .375” tube label and a 0.375” round cap label. Over time, they added 2.20” x 0.50” labels with 0.50” cap labels. To print their Cap and Wrap® labels, they use our popular T68 Premium Resin ribbons.

This was an interesting project for us to pull together the best possible application solution. We worked closely with this customer and they are now well on their way to becoming labeling masters!