Archival Tags for a City Archaeology Department – Customer Spotlight

Old North Church tower and blue sky

You’ll be surprised to learn that The Label Experts have a strong interest in history. Particularly, in helping label it. That’s where our collection of archival tags come in. One of our favorite tag customers? An archaeology department.

The city archaeology department we work with is responsible for “promoting and preserving the many archaeological resources”. One of their main tasks is completing archaeological digs to explore historic sites. Their efforts have led them to take part in projects ranging from the exhibition of a historic church to the investigation of shipwreck remains.

One of the department’s key roles is assessing city landmark sites that are about to undergo construction. If a project could disrupt an archaeological site, the department can put in a request to perform a dig prior. After receiving the proper city permits and enlisting help of volunteers, the team is ready to break ground. Throughout the dig, the team is careful to record the depth and location of everything they uncover, in addition to taking pictures and drawing sketches. When the dig is completed, the next step is to analyze any treasures that were unearthed.

The artifacts are taken to the department’s laboratory space, where they’re cleaned, sorted, and finally, cataloged. The cataloging stage is where we come in. To pair the artifacts with their respective information, this department uses our 429 white plastic tags. Due to their strength and tear resistance, these are our go-to tags for long term archival storage. With the help of one of our TSC-TTP 247 Desktop Printers and Seagull BarTender® Software, they can print the data on them themselves in the comfort of their own lab.

After all is said and done, the information collected is compiled into a formal archaeological report. These findings are instrumental in shedding light on the mysterious past of the city’s most iconic locations. Frankly, we dig their work.