A Lifetime of Achievement

Paul Henkel holding blank labels

Congratulations are in order for Paul Henkel, who recently won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to excellence in a family business at the 5th Annual Family Business Recognition Dinner on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, held in Durham, NH.

This award is given to retirees of family businesses who continue to support others in similar endeavors. The award is well-earned; Mr. Henkel may be retired, but he is anything but inactive. After leaving Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. near the end of 2006, Mr. Henkel, our company founder, has been keeping himself very busy in the local community. He has played a leading role in the Keene Lion’s Club Eyesight Committee which is dedicated to paying for children’s optometrist appointments and subsequent glasses for those in need. Over a three year period, this committee has offered vision screenings for over 1,470 children. Approximately 5% of the children were referred to eye doctors for eye exams and glasses. This removes an obstacle that may be getting in the way of their education.

Mr. Henkel is also assisting Dr. Emily Porschitz and Mary Ann Kristiansen in developing and promoting the Monadnock Family Business Circle which allows businesses to network with one another to solve the many problems that small and/or family businesses face. In addition, he is now the president of the Board of Trustees for the Keene Public Library and has spent 19 years helping it. Currently, Mr. Henkel and other trustee members are attempting to renovate an adjacent attached building to help make the library more accessible. On top of all of this, from 2007-2012, Mr. Henkel assisted needy people in filing their federal income taxes through a program sponsored by AARP.

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Although Mr. Henkel may be retired, he is far from the inactive unfulfilled stereotype that some of us may attribute to retirees. A paragon of the town of Keene, he is truly deserving of the lifetime achievement award he just received. The employees at EIM who worked with Paul are proud of him and are glad to see him flourish in his retirement.