The Label World is Definitely Getting Smaller

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels“Since we were doing business with you from the other side of the world (New Zealand), it was a pleasure to find your online staff so responsive, knowledgeable, and accommodating with our needs/situation.”

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. has been a proud converter of barcode and customized labels for over 30 years, and thanks to our long-standing web presence (since 1995!) it’s no surprise companies from all over the world ask for our services. The last time we checked, we shipped orders to over 90 different countries (!), and this number continues to grow. We are definitely not greenhorns to provide labels for international businesses!

  Blue color coded map of the world, yellow countries symbolizing where EIM products have been sold , dark blue are countries EIM has not sold to

Whether we ship labels for subway cars across the border to Montreal, Canada or high-temperature lumber kiln tags across the globe to Australia, we have convenient and straightforward methods for international financial transactions, such as wire transfers, and PayPal® for credit cards.

What sorts of things do we sell internationally and to which countries? Well, there really is no limit! We ship custom labels for niche applications as well as on-the-shelf products like printers, scanners and software. Our CryoLabel® has gone to Brazil, printing ribbons to Israel, silver polyester labels for medical devices to Tampere, Finland, and printed UPC paper labels to Hamburg, Germany.

There is no continent to which we won’t ship with the one exception perhaps being the really cold one that has more penguins than humans, but if there is a way to get a shipment there, we will find it!

Of course, some global customers do not simply find us online. An important part of our international business success is through satisfied customers who give referrals to other overseas buyers. Through their recommendations, we have served customers from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.

We are always happy to work with stateside and foreign clients alike, whether they are current customers or new clients! We are here to make your label search fast and easy.