10 Reasons to Use Barcodes

We’ve decided to do a countdown of all the reasons why you should consider using barcode labels. So without any further ado:


You don’t need a Ph.D. in barcoding to operate a barcoding system. (We have barcoding geniuses on our staff, ready and willing to give you terrific instructions.)


The data encoded is scalable to your needs and the needs of your organization. (When you need more data from your database, you just add more barcodes or more complex barcodes.)


The technology is here to stay and keeps getting better all the time. (Just listen to the buzz about 2D codes.)


You need to stay competitive. (The modern world demands that companies stay ahead of the competition and keep up the pace when it comes to modern business technology.)


Barcodes can be affixed to just about any surface you need them to adhere. (If you have something hard to label, we have the hard-to-find labels!)


Handwriting is a pain; barcoding is a breeze.  (Barcoding reduces human error, recognition errors, and transcription errors. Handwriting is a drudgery and is susceptible to legibility problems.  So, there’s that.  As for keyboarding, it is undeniably faster. For approximately every 1,000 keystrokes made by a human being, however, there are an average of 10 errors. With barcodes, for every 10,000 scans made by an optical scanner, there is an average of only one error. Barcodes reduce error.)


You can lower your overhead and cut down on training time and labor, which improves productivity. Across many industries, barcodes offer automatic product identification, extremely fast recognition, and implementation of data. (Barcodes save time.)


Barcodes provide asset & security tracking, theft deterrence, peace of mind, and a demonstrable reduction in loss/liability. (Barcodes reduce liability.)


Another great advantage of barcodes is their cost-effectiveness. (Although it depends upon the complexity of the application, it really only costs pennies per barcode label. Over any given period of time, barcoding saves money.)


AND THE #1 REASON FOR ADOPTING BARCODES IS . . . (drum roll) . . . The world is a big, scary, confusing place. Our species needs tools—including track-and-trace solutions like barcodes.

Now that you’ve read our top ten reasons why we think you should use barcode labels, reach out to The Label Experts for help buying yours!