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caskets in storage with casket labeling visible

Bunk Tags – Calling a Coffin a “Bunk”?

Bunk tags - Caskets in storage

What on Earth are Bunk Tags?

One of our customers called us and declared their need for bunk tags to track their inventory. We will admit, we were a little confused by the phrase! Turns out, they are a leading manufacturer of metal and hardwood coffins; they are justifiably proud of their craftsmanship and personalization choices. Loved ones can rest in comfort and splendor—accompanied by decorative plaques, embroidered pillows or throws—with memory drawers and shelves for mementos built right into the casket. Sounds like an appropriate resting place for our dearly departed.

To keep track of their vast inventory of funeral caskets, they use our extra-tough, High-Temperature Thermal Transfer Tags. These tags handle the storage and transfer process well. They stay attached and do not tear when bumped up against other caskets or racking. With their reference to “bunks”, we can’t help but imagine racks of coffins stacked like bunk-beds on the shelves but in the gentler sense, a beautiful final resting place.

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