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barcode labeling - Color coded asset labels

Barcode Labeling – Getting Started

Ask a real personThey’re everywhere. Supermarket products, library books, packages, and now even smartphone screens. Many forms of barcode languages, or symbologies, can be found in barcode labeling, and the number continues to increase as technology becomes more sophisticated. Through barcoding’s evolution, symbologies were purposefully designed for solving particular problems, sometimes each uniquely linked to specific industries. Barcodes follow a standard rule-of-thumb: simplification. By reducing human, handwritten error, they encode and transfer data seamlessly without the hassle. Combined with a label’s applicability, barcodes can be used virtually anywhere.

Learn How to Choose Your Barcode Label Size

While our guide to barcode labeling may be useful, nothing can replace speaking 1-on-1 with one of The Label Experts. We can offer assistance to answer your custom labeling needs. Before consulting with us, check out this page and our complementary Getting Started guide to help steer you in the right direction. The more info you know about your application, the quicker we can match you to the right product. We are excited to assist you and help come to a solution for your unique labeling needs.

Start tracking your inventory and transmitting information with ease. Speak to The Label Experts today!

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