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FAQ: What is the Difference Between a Label and a Sticker?

Just what is the difference between a label and a sticker? Is there any? Does it even matter? Yes, and yes!

The difference between a label and a sticker


  • STICKERS are decorative.
  • LABELS convey product information.
  • STICKERS are used as promotional items.
  • LABELS are used for product packaging, shipping, asset identification, barcoding, and more.

Fragile Label on a cardboard box


barcode label on a refrigerator


Do Not Remove Void Label on metal


Decorative Sticker for branding

donkey branding sticker

Holographic Branding Sticker

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsWhat the difference between a label and a sticker comes down to is if it is being used as decoration or to convey information.

We hope this quick primer on the difference between stickers and labels has cleared things up for you. Still have questions? You can reach out to The Label Experts at any time with questions about labels or stickers!

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