Until the World Goes Wireless…

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“Do Your Cable Labels Come With Software?” This is probably the #1 FAQ for our Label Experts!! We’re not sure why we get asked this question so often. It always makes us scratch our collective heads. We do know that there are millions of wires out there, snaking across workspaces and creating general chaos and confusion. Whatever the reason, we are happy to oblige with software as a value-added service to our valued customers. large assembly of various wiresAs for the wires, we say, label ’em! At both ends, even. (You have to say that in the voice of Snagglepuss.) There’s a nifty little product that solves the problem quite handily—our cable- and wire-marking labels.

These wire identification labels are engineered to print in either a laser or inkjet printer. Our sheet format seems to work better—since typically you need to label many wires all at one time—and is certainly more economical. As an added benefit, these labels are self-laminating. When sized properly, the label is designed to wrap completely around the wire and back over itself—thereby providing an over-laminated finish that protects your print from moisture, scratching, abrasion and smudging. Concerned about heat in your server room? No problem. These labels are made of a durable polyester material that is rated for 0°F to 275°F. Want to label outdoor wires? Again, no problem! These labels are rated for indoor and outdoor use. Hey, we told you it was a nifty product. Don’t know exactly what size your wire is? Then just click here to Download a Wire Sizing Chart (PDF). Just hold your wire up to the closest-sized circle and determine the diameter from the chart. (We think of everything.)

These labels are easy to use and easy to format on your PC. To make it even easier, we have created templates in Microsoft® Word®—the software most popular with our customers—that enable you to format a sheet of cable labels with your variable data. Need to download a bunch of numbers? No problem. You can connect the template to your database spreadsheet, say, Excel®, and set up your sheets to print from the spreadsheet. Problem solved. Wires are neatly and permanently labeled. Your world is tidy and under control. Heavens to Murgatroyd. Life is good.