Meet the Label Experts – Larry

Label Expert Larry with red four wheeler Meet Larry Ames—one of our most multi-talented Label Experts! After realizing that his demanding, hours heavy job at a plumbing company wasn’t allowing him enough time with his family, Larry signed on with EIM as a Press Operator in 2010. Once here, Larry quickly transitioned, from press operator, into being our Production Supervisor and jack of all trades. He is the first one in the door every morning, and is a critical member of our crew.

As our Production Supervisor, Larry is the mastermind that guarantees our customers’ label orders get out the door on time. He coordinates with everyone from the print operators to the sales team, monitoring and troubleshooting individual print orders with his employees throughout the day. “Positioning jobs and giving them the correct dates to make sure we can deliver orders to the customer on time—without promising them a date and then not being able to get there,” is an ongoing challenge, Larry says.

Alongside his supervising duties, Larry also oversees the installation of new printers and trains employees on them. He’s a big advocate for cross training the production team. He explains that it ensures coverage in an ever-changing work flow. In addition, Larry is the go-to guy for on-site maintenance of the building and supervises outside subcontractors for tasks like snow removal, electrical improvements and yardwork. If all of that wasn’t already enough, “If somebody’s out, I step into place and run machines to pick up the slack,” Larry says. “So, I wear several hats.” Larry with family with Empire State Building in background

Over the past year Larry’s also invested time in expanding his own knowledge of the growing label manufacturing industry. “I’ve been training in the digital area to clue myself in a little bit better so I can help out the people that actually work in digital, who I supervise, a little more …Every day everything changes and there’s new technology.” As he facilitates personal growth, he praises the company for doing the same. He explains that EIM is always focusing on ‘going up the ladder’, and ‘staying up to date and up to par on technologies and processes’.

When he’s not steering the ship on EIM’s production floor, Larry is the consummate outdoors man. If he’s not spending time with his family or attending his daughter’s basketball games with his wife, you’ll find him working around the house, or, “If I do happen to get any spare time, I spend most of it outside, either in my boat, fishing, hunting or out on my ATV.” He’s also kept up his Tri-State license and sometimes picks up plumbing jobs on weekends.

At the end of the day, Larry says the best part of the job, is the people that he works with.

“I enjoy coming here because I have fun, the people are all decent people to work with and we all get along good—we laugh a lot here.”

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