Handwriting Lab Labels – Quit It! (VIDEO)

Handwritten identification information written on a laboratory tube

Laboratories are demanding, fast paced environments. Collecting accurate data and avoiding unnecessary confusion and errors are essential to quality research outcomes. All too often research labs and other facilities rely on writing on tape or blank labels to identify and keep track of tubes, vials, microplates, slides, and other pivotal sample and chemical components of their research!

Handwriting lab labels can lead to massive inefficiencies. Smudging or sloppy handwriting can result in disastrous misunderstandings and mistakes during research, leading to both wasted time, people power, and money! (Is this a 4 or a 9??)

To remedy these problems, EIM has helped many laboratories by providing them with in-house label printing systems and printable lab labels.Switching to printing lab labels yourself may sound like a daunting task at first, -but is surprisingly straight forward! The Label Experts can walk you through it every step of the way. We’ll help you pick out the right printer and blank labels for your operation and our tech support will guide you through any potential problems you may encounter during set up.

Printing in-house does not mean you sacrifice customizable solutions that fit your labs unique needs. Different color-coding options bolster organization and identification of substances, while barcodes provide labs with increased ability to track and store collected data and specimen/chemical inventories. Most of our blank lab labels are specifically designed to hold up to chemicals and withstand cryogenic conditions.

Printing labels in-house gives labs the ability to save precious time, money, and mitigates human error, which lets researchers conduct important and meaningful research, worry free!

Quit handwriting your lab labels! Contact The Label Experts and we’ll help you find the ideal printer and the perfect made-to-order labels for your laboratory and research facility.