Color-Coded Label Sets – Do Your Joints Creak in the Cold?

Color-Coded Label Sets for Body Parts?

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You would think a medical device company with the word “cryo” in its name would use our ultra-cold temperature CryoLabel®. They do in fact, specialize in low-temperature preservation of human implantable tissues but they also develop implantable biological devices and biomaterials such as surgical adhesives used in cardiac, vascular, and spinal reconstruction. That is where EIM came to serve them…they really needed our paper labels to identify their replacement joints and other replacement parts. so we came up with color-coded label sets. X-Ray image of a knee joint

We are not talking about just plain white paper labels―we tint their labels in different colors and print them in sets of 6, 9, or 12 duplicate labels. Just for those of you who are not using barcodes―neither does this company! Their color-coded label sets ensure that everything related to a device is labeled correctly and can be quickly identified… Who knows, maybe someday we will add barcodes to their labels to make them even more efficient.  Anyway, we customize their label sets by adding a few blank labels between each set so their sets are easy to recognize. They can still use these blanks at their discretion.

This interesting and vital company has helped save thousands of lives using its various medical technological advances, as well as making life better for those in need of transplants. Being able to quickly and efficiently track of their inventory of replacement parts greatly increases how many replacement surgeries can be completed each year.