Bug Labels—A Key to Ecosystem Research

Bug with affixed Label and QR Code

Since our founding in 1987, EIM has always specialized in all kinds of lab labels. From cryo labels to chemical resistant barcodes and even QR codes for sample tracking. However, you may be surprised to learn that we even supply research facilities and universities, like Harvard, with bug labels. Yes, you heard that correctly, bug labels!

The study of bugs may seem kind of pointless to you, but it actually gives scientists a greater understanding of ecosystems as a whole. This is because these little creatures play a big role in many natural processes. Bug labels are at the heart of these studies. Our bug labels are an adhesive-less tag that is usually affixed next to a bug sample with a pin or piece of tape. This is to prevent damage to the tiny little insect. The label often contains basic information and a QR code. The QR code allows scientists to pull up a lot of in depth information on the sample from their databases very quickly. This speeds up the overall efficiency of their operation and studies.

This wasn’t our first version of our bug label either. Our original bug label came on a sheet similar to what you would buy from an office supply store. However, this was leading to a significant amount of printer jams and inefficiencies for scientists. This is why our products team got together and created our “bug label 2.0.” These tags came on a roll of labels as opposed to a sheet. This eliminated jamming and helped improve the efficiency of the scientific studies. This is one of the many examples of our commitment to quality. The Label Experts never stop innovating our products to find a solution that works for our customers.

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Whether you’re looking for a way to quickly pull up information on your bug samples, or just trying to improve the efficiency of your lab operation, The Label Experts have a solution for you! With many made-to-order sizes and capabilities, we can find you the ideal label that can reduce the headaches associated with your studies.

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