A Toy Company Gets Exactly What They Want This Holiday Season: Labels

two stuffed bears and one stuffed bunny rabbit

We don’t get the opportunity to work with toy companies very often, so we were excited when a New England based toy manufacturer with a well-earned reputation for high quality stuffed animals and plush toys reached out for help with a labeling challenge. They needed a box label for cardboard boxes containing free samples of their products being sent out to brand representatives.  We knew that with the right information, we could provide a product that would perform exactly how our client wanted.

We began considering material options based on information provided by the toy manufacturer. The main purpose of the label was simply to inform recipients what the box contained, but in keeping with their reputation for making high-quality products, it was vital the label remain stuck to the box for an extended period of time. The adhesive needed to be strong enough to prevent any peeling up, but temperature extremes, excessive moisture and other variables were not critical considerations. Additionally, a clean and professional visual display was necessary to create a pleasing aesthetic that echoed the client’s existing branding.

Because our client had a solid understanding of how their box labels would be used, they were easily able to answer The Label Experts’ key questions. This eliminated any risk of spending money on label features offering no extra benefit to them and helped us ensure they got exactly what they needed for their project.

They settled on a Matte White Paper label. These economical labels have good scratch and smudge resistance, and an ultra-smooth matte surface for an impressive visual display. Commonly used in offices and other indoor settings where extreme weather conditions are not a factor, the multi-purpose nature of its adhesive and matte finish made this ideal for the box labels for our toy manufacturing client.

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Without the assistance of The Label Experts, label shopping can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider—the best material for one instance might be completely unnecessary in another. Our deep understanding of materials ensures our customers receive everything they need when tackling label projects.

Do you have a labeling challenge to solve? Have questions about materials? Reach out to The Label Experts today to get exactly what you need!