Customer Spotlight: Blueberries and Retro Labels

Ah summertime… blue skies, warm sunshine, beaches, barbeques, camping and fireworks come to mind. Robins, bumble bees and fire flies. Gardens blossoming with flowers and fresh produce. Ice cream and blueberry pie. The mind takes us to all sorts of pleasant memories to be made.

Those blueberries¹ and fresh fruit make our mouths water. While we might prefer to buy them at farmers’ markets or roadside stands, sometimes we just can’t wait and grab some at the local grocery store. It’s there—in the produce department—that we may tend to take a lot for granted. The fact is a whole lot of work went into getting that fresh produce to us.

BlueberriesKeeping shelved stocked is especially painful right now in New England since Market Basket Supermarkets are struggling with a movement to reinstate their former CEO Arthur T Demoulas. Employees are being fired as they rally behind their former leader and threaten a total walkout. Warehouse truck drivers are not bringing in meat, fish, and produce leaving the shelves bare. Customers are boycotting Market Basket stores in their own support.

But back to blueberries…It happens that one of our customers is a family-owned enterprise providing freezer and cold storage of not only locally-grown products but also unique imported foods.

To get that produce to consumers you need a company like our customer that can store, pack, and transport goods in a timely fashion. Keeping a diverse inventory well organized is critical, especially when you have a 250,000 square foot facility! They have a fully computerized system that checks inventory and customer jobs; to make this all work smoothly though, they also use barcode labels.

When they came to us, they had a couple warehouse label requirements. Some of their labels would be scanned from about 10 to 12 feet, while others were to be put on placards and suspended from the ceiling. To meet those requisites, we make them preprinted labels in a couple sizes using our Retro-Reflective Polyester that is both indoor and outdoor durable and that can be scanned from up to 30 to 45 feet. From their major labeling project to small replenishment orders, we provide their long-distance barcode scanning solutions.

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