Will My Future Warehouse Need Labels?

At EIM, we’re all about helping our customers keep up with the demands of changing industry norms. And warehouse labeling is no exception. Few of our clients have seen more change in recent years than the material handling industry. The rise of ecommerce and accelerating advances in material handling automation have left warehouses running to upgrade or in some cases build brand new, fully automated warehouses. All this new technology has us thinking, will your future autonomous warehouse need labels? We’re glad you asked!

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One of warehouse workers’ most time-consuming tasks is keeping track of inventory. If you’re looking to free up your people for higher value tasks, look no further than the warehouse drone. For inventory tracking drones, the trusty old rack label is as important as ever. As drones fly through your warehouse scanning products, they also scan every individual rack’s barcode label—so not only do you know what products you have in stock, you have a consistently updated map showing the precise location for each product.

Autonomous Mobile Robots + Barcode Labels

Those rack labels will also come in handy when you send out your autonomous mobile robot to retrieve stock and bring it across the warehouse to your employees standing ready to pack up and ship out orders. Unlike drones, certain types of autonomous robots navigate around the floor with…you guessed it, warehouse labeling! Data matrix barcode labels placed at regular intervals on the ground create a map of your warehouse’s floor plan for robots to navigate. With all that robot traffic going back and forth to retrieve products, those floor labels can use a bit of protection from daily wear and tear. That’s where our amazing ultra-thin floor shields come in for customers using autonomous mobile robot fleets in their warehouses.

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