Tracking Labels Help a Cycling Component Manufacturer—Customer Spotlight

Strong, stable, streamlined and speedy—ever since the wheel was invented, people have been trying to improve it! Extreme wheel performance is of paramount importance to cycling manufacturers. Competitive cycling demands fast wheels and lighter weight that can perform in harsh conditions. For one of our customers who is a cycling component manufacturer, they needed tracking labels that would match their level of performance.

Bicycle tracking labels for manufacturingAsset Tracking that Improves Manufacturing Processes

Our cycling component manufacturer came to EIM with a wheel tracking problem. They needed labels for a quality asset tracking system for their bicycle wheels and other cycle components. But the labels needed to not interfere with the performance level of the wheels.

Cycling manufacturers carefully consider every aspect of materials when they are producing bicycle wheels. Composition, thickness, aerodynamics, strength, design, and durability are important factors for every wheel they make! Whether building a set for a weekend enthusiast or many different sets for an elite athlete, quality performance is their highest priority. So a label that was going to be placed on their wheels had to match their level of performance.

The Label Experts worked with our cycling component manufacturer to carefully consider all their needs before settling on the best label. They choose to create a durable labeling system with our White Polyester labels and premium thermal transfer printing ribbons. The polyester label’s strong, slim face is scratch resistant, waterproof and can handle exposure to oil as well as common cleaners. The high-performance adhesive is aggressive and permanent, designed to work especially well on metals and high surface energy (HSE) plastics commonly found in athletic equipment.

The end result was even faster access to their highest performance components. From the factory floor to the competition circuit with no hassle!

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Do you need a better asset tracking system that won’t interfere with or negatively impact your products’ quality level? Ask The Label Experts to help you out. We’re great at matching quality durable labels with our clients’ unique manufacturing demands.