Retro Reflective Labels and Blueberries

Produce distribution requires inventory storage, inventory storage requires a widespread warehouse and a widespread warehouse requires barcode labels that can scan long distances. For sizable warehouse applications, retro-reflective labels are the way to go.

The family-owned enterprise that we work with is responsible for importing produce, storing it, and distributing it to local stores (where you can then grab it off their shelves!). One of their most popular produce? You guessed it, blueberries. Cartons of blueberries

Their bounty is acquired from locations as close as local farms, and as distant as exporters outside of the United States. In their industry, they must complete the process of storing, packing and transporting goods in a timely fashion. Keeping produce fresh is a sensitive operation, so this distributor utilizes freezer and cold storage in their 250,000-square-foot facility. (Side note: for cold storage labels, let us be your guide!)

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsA large, bustling and constantly changing warehouse like theirs requires a reliable way to track and update inventory. Scanning distance was a key factor in this customer’s label decision. Some of their labels would adhere to warehouse racks, and would only have to be scanned from 10-12 feet away. However, others would be suspended from the ceiling on placards and would require long-range scanning capability. In turn, to ensure effective scanability, we introduced them to our retro-reflective polyester labels. These labels tout high-quality indoor-outdoor durability and can be scanned from up to 40 feet away, which guarantees that from warehouse rack to hanging placard, every label would scan without issue. We sent them their labels pre-printed, and with our new color options, the labels were eye-catching, to say the least.

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