Meet Label Expert Erin Temmen!

After a career in wholesale distribution, Erin was looking for a new challenge when she found her way to EIM. Initially, Erin said the most difficult part of mastering labels was Learning product knowledge—and I’m still learning every single day. One small thing, she says, can completely change the type of label material I recommend to a customer. But she quickly got into the flow of being an account manager, and is becoming a go-to expert for all queries and questions on labels! 

On any given week, Erin enjoys the fact that she never knows exactly what she’ll be dealing with. “It’s always kind of fun, because we’ll get random requests for things you’d never think of needing labels. We do a lot of really cool lab studies. Sometimes I’ll talk to lab managers who tell me the different things they’re working on—one that kind of stuck with me was a lab where they were measuring lead in schools,” Erin says, “Which is obviously something that’s a major issue. It can have lifelong impacts for kids. Knowing in a small way that we’re part of that, that we’re helping them facilitate that study in whatever way we can is really meaningful to me. That one stuck with me.” 

Erin's pet Lola with fellow canine

Although she’s more than ready to help every type of customer, Erin discovered there’s a particular kind of labeling project she really likes to tackle; “I think warehouse jobs are my favorite, probably going back to my previous career in grocery wholesale distribution,” she comments. “I like the complexity of warehouse jobs. Sometimes people come to us and they don’t even know where to start. I’ll work with them to start at square one, help get them set up, understand barcode datafiles, material options, all those things. They’re the most complex jobs, but for me they’re also the most fun.”

Any day she’s not at EIM, you’ll find Erin outside. Whether hiking with her partner and friends, cultivating a love of the outdoors in her young nieces and nephews, or just hanging out outside with her dog Lola, it’s rare for Erin to miss any chance to experience the great outdoors. During New England winters, you’ll still find her outside skiing or snowshoeing. 

Label Expert Erin Temmen hiking mountain with friend

A recent adventure saw her tackling the NH 48 4000 footers hiking challenge with a group of friends (including one of her fellow Label Experts!). It took them several years, but they did it! Up next? Erin is on her way to seeing New Hampshire’s 52 with a View. So far, she’s climbed 4 out of the 52 with friends, and has her sights set on Mount Chocorua in Albany this summer. 

Need help tackling a tricky labeling project? Reach out to Label Expert Erin!