Glove-Friendly Labels – Do You Need a Glove-Friendly Adhesive?

Blue rubber glove handling labeled vials with glove-friendly labelsDo You Need Glove-Friendly Labels?

Many customers look for tacky, aggressive adhesives that feel “extra sticky” to solve tough label applications. These adhesives are popular on dirty, contaminated & uneven surfaces. They also adhere to low-surface-energy plastics that emit out-gassing. They bond very well, but they can be a pain to die cut and put into rolls. The adhesives are often so oozy that they make your fingers stick together like working with super glue when repairing a piece of cracked pottery. In certain industries, however—like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food manufacturing—there are safety requirements to limit the risk of contamination. This means that employees must wear plastic, nitrile, or latex rubber gloves at all times, including when they’re applying labels. If they’re working with overly sticky adhesives, gloves are apt to tear and their fingertips could stick together. If they’re working with a paper label, there are even higher odds of tearing the label. This is frustrating, and it is unacceptable. Especially if you have to process hundreds of test tubes or beverage bottles a day.

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsTo combat this problem, EIM offers a wide variety of permanent and removable glove-friendly label adhesives. These products tolerate a wide range of temperatures and provide particularly good bonding to glass and plastic surfaces, even with small diameters.
Material Adhesive Description
208 Permanent Matte White Visible Light DT Paper
233 Permanent Matte White IR DT Paper
264 Cold Temperature Permanent White DT Plastic
299 Permanent Matte White Visible Light DT Piggyback Paper
361 Removable White Smudge-Proof TT Plastic (Aggressive, may become permanent on glass, rigid vinyl. Suitable for cardboard, textured surfaces)
398 Permanent White Piggyback TT Paper
602 All Temp, Acid-Free Permanent White Matte TT Paper
617 All Temp, Acid-Free Permanent White Semi-Gloss TT Paper
685 Cold Temperature Permanent Clear TT Polypropylene