Frozen Tube Labeling – Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight – 686 White and 687 Clear CryoLabel® Frost for Frozen Tube Labeling

These members of our CryoLabel® family are cold-temperature polyesters perfect for laboratory applications involving light to moderate frost build-up. What makes them work so well for frozen tube labeling is a combination of a thin, flexible design married to a strong ultra-low-temperature adhesive. You will find they work well on test tubes—even with very small diameters—along with vials, plates, cardboard boxes and other lab containers.*

frozen tube labeling - frozen vials in a cryogenic freezer, with outreached orange glove attempting to handle frozen vials They come with a gloss finish perfect for high-resolution thermal transfer printing using durable resin ribbons: together, the labels and printing ribbon are very water, scratch, chemical and solvent resistant. These products will also accept durable UV inkjet and flexographic printing for full-color graphics and color coding.

Tests have proven that 686 White CryoLabel® Frost and 687 Clear CryoLabel® Frost work in both freezer (-80°C) and liquid nitrogen (-196°C) storage conditions. Most importantly, they can be applied to pre-frozen containers. On the other end of the spectrum, they can also handle autoclave processes and freezer-to-boiling-water cycles.

These two amazing products are worth testing if you need to label pre-frozen items or if you simply want a more durable lab label.

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels* Note: Not only are these label materials good for frozen tube labeling and other laboratory devices, but they are also suitable for asset and property labeling, warning and instruction labels, name plates and rating plates that might be subjected to temperature extremes.