Forensics Labels & Freezer Labels – Customer Spotlight

Forensics Labels Help Solve the Crime!

C’mon now – you want to make it right – don’t you? Leaving mysterious crimes unsolved isn’t in your nature; it’s not something you’re capable of. The wicked don’t rest and you won’t either until you get to the bottom of their twisted ways. It’s almost as if you work in a spooky, mad science type laboratory – but it’s not fictional, it’s a real life forensics laboratory.
The forensics lab is a place where scientists of all backgrounds work together to solve all sorts of crimes, big and small. One customer of ours is at the forefront of this work. Each year their forensics lab processes thousands of pieces of evidence with state-of-the-art equipment that makes them invaluable to their region. Within this state-run lab they are able to process fingerprints, blood evidence, crime scene blood spatter and latent print analysis. They are also able to collect evidence like DNA, blood, hair/bodily fluids and are certified to exhume bodies at the scene or from a cemetery! That is a lot of work, a lot of important evidence, a lot of responsibility―so how do they keep track of all this material?

Glass laboratory cylinders with white barcoded freezer labels You guessed it! Lots of labels! Not just any old label though; like their work, the labels for forensics that they require must be cutting edge and stand up to the job. Many times, this means using a label that will handle a variety of conditions such as temperature extremes, blood, chemicals and solvents.

Based on this customer’s criteria for a long-lasting evidence label that will be applied to paperwork and yet possibly exposed to blood, alcohol, bleach, condensation and -20°C temperatures, we suggested our Freez-R-Mark™ labels. Freez-R-Mark™ is a unique plastic specifically designed for freezer applications where application temperatures can be as low as -15°F (26°C) and service temperatures range anywhere from -65°F (-54°C) to 160°F (71°C). This gloss-coated material with its aggressive rubber-based “freezer” adhesive features excellent initial tack and ultimate bond to difficult surfaces including glass, plastic, painted metal and waxed corrugated cardboard. Freez-R-Mark™ labels don’t scare easily―even if subjected to -40°F blast freezing or applied to surfaces that have some frost or moisture buildup. Incredible, huh?!

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsNOTE: This is just one example where perhaps a lab really doesn’t need a Cryogenic Label Material but they do require something to handle cold freezer conditions. Contact The Label Experts for free test samples of our Freez-R-Mark™ labels.