A Helping Hand for Green Innovations

Green electric vehicle parking - green innovations

Electric cars and solar energy are key components to decreasing global carbon emissions. Because of this, the demand for green innovations is rising.  Electric car and solar panel manufacturers are ramping up production of these eco-friendly items—and the components that keep them running.

To help with these efforts, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, solar panels, and supporting equipment turned to EIM and our industrial labels to help them produce their green products. As a green conscious company ourselves, we were energized to get this opportunity. The customer needed heavy duty labels to provide serial numbers for certain parts they manufacture for their products. The labels would be affixed to rough textured surfaces and subject to machining and rugged handling during the manufacturing process.

Labeling Solar Panels - green innovations

Luckily The Label Experts are no stranger to providing labels for harsh industrial environments. We decided that our EnduraLabel was more than capable of getting the job done. After the customer put our EnduraLabel through a testing phase in their manufacturing process, it passed with flying colors!

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We are proud that our labels are being used to help produce green innovations, like electric cars and solar panels, that will lead to the reduction of global greenhouse gasses. If you need industrial grade labels for your manufacturing process, no matter how harsh the environment, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Label Experts and ask us about our specially engineered EnduraLabels!

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