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Company Culture at EIM

Inclusive & Engaged Company Culture

From the very beginning EIM has prioritized creating an inclusive workplace with an engaged workforce. Our in-house Engagement Task Force (The ETF!) focuses on finding ways to weave fun and laughter into our workdays and makes it their mission to help our company culture continuously improve and evolve. EIM’s environment is intended to spur innovation, encourage collaboration, and be a place that employees, vendors, and customers alike are excited to walk into.

Flexible & Family Friendly

We’re beyond family-friendly—as a second-generation family business, we’ve created not only flextime positions for employees with family commitments, we’ve also launched our Babies at Work program, giving some of our awesome Parent-Label-Experts the freedom to design their own schedule and bring their newborn to work with them. EIM is always on the lookout for ways to accommodate employees so that they can continue bringing their best selves to work.

Employee Growth & Education

EIM is passionate about employee development and promoting from within. Employees are encouraged to grow in their own expertise, and help others learn as well. Our internship program provides students and non-students alike with the opportunity to get their feet wet in a professional setting and see what the printing industry has to offer. It’s also not uncommon for internships to transition into full-time roles. In addition, EIM supports employees furthering their education through tuition reimbursement, and via pursuing internal and external training opportunities.

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