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97% Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Close

At EIM, we measure many different statistics as we serve our customers. One measurement we look at is the percent of orders that ship on the day we promised. In November, 97% of our orders shipped on or before the promised day – and 61% shipped at least a day earlier than promised.This is just one example of how we are continually looking at how we can improve. For example, we examine why 19 orders in November shipped later than promised and determine the root cause to avoid delays whenever possible. On products where we have consistently shipped early, we are setting even more ambitious goals for even faster service.We want customers to not only repeat their orders with us, but refer colleagues to Electronic Imaging Materials. Whether you visit our web site, talk to our customer service team, or respond to a satisfaction survey, we welcome your feedback so we can serve you better.
Pie chart of EIM shipping times featuring "on time", "late", and "early"
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