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Nyehill Beer bottles

Customer Spotlight: Nye Hill Brewery

Picture it now: You just got back from a long but successful day at the office. Summer is at its end and the leaves are just beginning to uncover their fiery tones. After a quiet drive home, you’re ready to put your feet up and wind down for the day. However, you’re not ready to […]

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Customer Spotlight: Learning with Labels

Recently we were approached by a supplier of Warehouse Management Systems. The customer didn’t present us with what we would consider a ‘typical labeling challenge’, but with our experience in warehouse labeling, they were hoping we would be able to fulfill their request. Their sales team, which we’ve dubbed ‘Team Bacon’, looked to the marketing […]

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Customer Spotlight: Labels for Your Kegger

Have you ever set up a keg for a big party or event and thought to yourself “How was this keg distributed and shipped to my local store for me to pick up? What were the operation logistics involved to ensure this arrived correctly at my doorstep?” …no? You’re just trying to tap it? Okay, […]

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Yellow Car

Customer Spotlight: My Labels are Too Specific!

Are you part of a business? You may find you need labels for very specific applications. One of your worries might be that you think your needs are too niche, and that these types of labels don’t exist. Never fear: The Label Experts are your specialists! Have you ever used customer loyalty cards at your favorite […]

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Customer Spotlight: Met-L-Mark® Labels – A Safe Bet for Casinos

Do you enjoy gambling? Well, perhaps ‘enjoy’ isn’t quite the right word. Maybe you LOVE gambling? It’s alright, we won’t judge. Either way, slot machines are a popular way to partake without necessarily needing any skill. (Unfortunately, the easier the game, the worse the odds are for winning and there isn’t a faster way to […]

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Customer Spotlight: Labels Find a Home in National Parks

Novelist, essayist, and forthright conservationist Edward Abbey once wrote that “The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it needs only defenders.” Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. has worked with several defenders of wildlife over the years, and hope that our environmentalist customers stay with us and promote our friendly label services to their colleagues. One of […]

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