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Cold Storage and Shipping Labels

Most labels can’t handle the cold, but ours do. Our quality cold storage and shipping labels are perfectly suited for all steps of the cold chain logistics process. From cold storage warehousing to temperature sensitive shipping, our made-to-order labels are ideal for every stage of your operation. Label freezer locations, thermal packages, cold pallets, and more with ease.

We are a trusted freezer barcode label provider for: Need some samples?

  • Life Sciences products
  • Food warehousing and processing
  • Biological sample shipping
  • And more

Whether your cold chain labels are exposed to harsh cryogenic/liquid nitrogen conditions, dry ice, or basic freezer temperatures, The Label Experts have what you need. Our superior customer service is standing by to help you find the perfect label for your needs. Contact us today! Want to learn more about our cold-chain logistics labels?

Recommended Material Warehouse Racking
381 – Retro-Reflective Racking View Spec Sheet
671 – White Gloss Plastic Racking View Spec Sheet
668 – Freez-R-Mark™ Freezer Conditions  View Spec Sheet
562 – White CryoLabel® Frost Frozen Surfaces  View Spec Sheet
568 – White Cold Temp Film Racking View Spec Sheet


Recommended Material Packaging
667 – White CryoLabel®  Frozen Cartons/Boxes  View Spec Sheet
668 – Freez-R-Mark™ Frozen Waxed Corrugated View Spec Sheet
562 White CryoLabel® Frost Frozen Surfaces  View Spec Sheet
685 Clear CryoLabel® Clear Label View Spec Sheet
267 White Direct Thermal CryoLabel® Cold Temp Direct Thermal  View Spec Sheet


Electronic Imaging Materials