Should I Print In-House?

Printing In-House – You Print

QuickStart Printing KitWhy Should I? It’s CONVENIENT & COST-EFFECTIVE. Printing on-demand will always be quicker than having to wait for someone to print your labels and then ship them to you. You can skip the entire ordering process including attaching specifications and data files. Once you’re familiar with your printer and software set-up, it’s possible to have thousands of labels in your hands in just a few hours…even rugged, chemical-resistant prints are possible with our new ChemDefend labels.  As for the cost, that will depend on how often and how many labels you need to print. Do you have a one-time project for which need labels? More than likely, purchasing your own printer won’t  make sense. However, if you know that you’ll need a lot of labels on a regular basis, buying your own printer could definitely save you money in the long run.

Our QuickStart Printing Kits are perfect for customers new to printing. Every kit comes with a thermal transfer printer, label design and printing software, labels, and a printing ribbon, along with full installation instructions * and a label printing template.  Besides that, you will have full access to our technical support. Connect with a Label Expert today to find out if printing on-demand is right for you.

There’s another alternative…

Ordering Pre-Printed Labels – EIM Prints for You. 

Why Should I? It’s RELIABLE & FLEXIBLE. Why make something more complicated than it has to be? Avoid the hassle and ensure expertly crafted, high-quality printed labels every time by ordering through a company that knows the printing business. EIM can’t guarantee labels from an on-demand printing standpointthere are just too many things out of our control, like proper quiet zones, pulling from databases, font size, etc. You may need to do a lot of research and spend time fiddling with your software depending on your label’s complexity. Most importantly, printing on-demand is limited in its capabilitiesmost thermal transfer printers only print one color, there is a limted range of label sizes that will fit the printer (typically less than 4” wide for desktopr models), and no protective lamination can be added.

EIM always has technical support available, but sometimes it’s better to simply let the pros handle the printing for you. You’ll get proofs and guidance all the way. We can add full color, photo-quality graphics and so much more!  And what do we guarantee? Labels that leave our facility are exactly what you ordered…with the right label layout, artwork, print quality, barcode scannability, and print durability included.

* While our Printing Guide may be useful, nothing can replace speaking 1-on-1 with one of our Label Experts. We are here to answer all of your label questions but before contacting us, check out our complementary Getting Started Guide to help steer you in the right direction. The more info you know about your application, the quicker we can match you to the right product. We are excited to assist you and help you come up with the right solution for your label printing needs.

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