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Customer Spotlight: School’s Out – No Time to Waste!

Colleges and universities work year round to keep up with a multitude of academic, facility, and student needs. No sooner than one class graduates, then they are preparing for the next school year – rearranging classrooms and study programs, doing repairs, ordering books, cleaning and a whole lot more. Before they know it, the next […]

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Another Acronym? What Does W2P Mean?

W2P stands for “Web-to-print” or “Web2Print” and is a hot trend in e-commerce as a way to do printing business right on web sites. As we all know, the internet has changed society tremendously because we now can gather information instantly, place merchandise orders right online and speed up our total buying process. We are […]

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horse racing

Customer Spotlight: Equestrian Olympic Sports and SECURITY Labeling

With the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend.. this article really fits: The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis is renowned for its precision in animal DNA testing. Their work encompasses a wide amount of animal lineage verification, forensics, genetics and disease research. One of […]

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Code-n-Seal® Laminated Labels

Abstract The newest design of “Code-n-Seal®” labels comes from the inspirations of our own Innovation Team, a group of creative co-workers with various backgrounds in production, sales, and marketing. What makes these labels so unique is their “piggyback” format – a term we use in the labeling industry describing labels that have two layers of […]

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