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Meet The Label Experts—Timothy Milde

Label Expert Tim MildeYou’d be hard pressed to find a Label Expert with interests as varied and wide as EIM’s Shipping & Receiving Clerk Timothy Milde. In addition to being one of our stellar shipping team members who keeps the labels steadily marching out the door to our customers, Tim is the Secretary of his local Dart League, a history loving metal detectorist, proud dad and husband, and a regular Six Flags thrill seeker! Never one to hold back on the sarcasm, Tim is always keeping the rest of us Label Experts laughing at the end of a long day.

Tim’s favorite thing about his job is, “Pretty much just the people. If it wasn’t for good people, then you shouldn’t stay at a job, it’s not worth it.” Tim describes his job as, “It’s what I call, Pick it, pack it, seal it, ship it.” Tim is the one we turn to when a customer has an urgent last minute rush order. It’s his consistent work cranking out labels for delivery (and keeping the laughs coming) that help EIM run smoothly and on time for our customers.

Tim is a major history buff and enjoys hunting for ancient buried history in his spare time. “I find a lot of interesting historical stuff and coins. I always wanted to do metal detecting since I was a kid in Massachusetts. We had a big three-story house from the 1800s and we used to ride our bikes around our oak tree, and one day we kicked up an Indian Head Penny from 1904. And then my neighbor across the street, whose’ house was probably late 1700s, he found a British half penny in his yard. So that instilled the desire to do it.”

Label Expert Tim Milde metal detecting

In addition to being a history lover, Tim is a big reader too—it’s rare to see him without a book in his hands in the breakroom. Tim credits reading The Lord of the Rings in junior high with sparking his lifelong passion for books. As of this interview, he’s read Tolkien’s classic trilogy at least eight times, not to mention every book ever written by Louis L’Amour! “The Walking Drum is my ultimate favorite Louis L’Amour,” Tim says. “Most of his books are Westerns, but this is more of a swashbuckler set in the 12th century. And it’s just an incredible, incredible book.”

Thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasy are everyday staples in Tim’s book diet. In keeping with his interest with times gone by, he’s also a big fan of Archaeology Magazine and National Geographic—in fact, Tim has National Geographic’s dating all the way back to the 1800s!

Tim’s other hobby of choice? “I collect board games and resell a lot on eBay. I grew up in the 70s and 80s, so in that time frame a whole bunch of classic board games like Monopoly, Clue, and Life, you know, all the staples of today—were just becoming popular, and my parents were big on family time. And that just translated to me and my family.” Tim says. “Favorites for us are ones like Balderdash, Quiddler, and Scattergories. What makes a great board game,” Tim says, “Are games that are engaging and educational, that help make you think and try to increase your knowledge in one way or another.”

And the Milde family’s own board game collection? With classics like Past Times, Telestrations, Mille Bournes, and 12 different editions of Monopoly, it’s currently going over 250 board games strong!

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