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Label Expert Mary on her travels

Label Sales AM Mary – Meet The Label Experts

Meet our resident world traveler, Mary Hattie!

With 10+ years of experience Mary is considered a veteran among The Label Experts. With her collective knowledge, she’s eager to help customers whether they’re label savvy or newcomers. She’s a pro at matching what her customers want with the capabilities the label needs to be successful. And while she’s well versed in labeling across six different industries, she’s our go-to expert for warehouse labeling.

Label Expert Mary explores ruins

Warehouse Aisle Placard attached to warehouse shelving


When asked if there’s a labeling project that sticks out in her mind, Mary recalled a set of labels done for Mainfreight USA, Inc.

“In addition to a totem label, we took on two new challenges that we had never done as a company before. I was the cheerleader . . . sure we can!

The end result was a set of beautifully crafted aisle signs, a first for EIM at the time.

Label Expert Mary with Machu Picchu in the background You might think with a skill level as high as Mary’s she’s never far away from her desk. But she’s not afraid to leave the comfort of home. In fact, Mary jets off to at least one domestic and several international adventures every year. As an archaeology buff, she prides herself in having soaked up the culture of over 30 different countries.

If you ask her about her travels you’ll notice her light up as she talks about the ancient beauty of Machu Picchu. With its mysterious beginnings and improbable preservation, it’s no wonder it’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Speaking of the seven, she’s been to the other six, too! Even though it’s been eight years since visiting Machu Picchu, out of every place Mary’s experienced, she regards it as her all-time-favorite destination.

Even with so many trips crossed off her list, she doesn’t plan to stop exploring any time soon. Between label projects, she’s already day-dreaming of her next trip, Easter Island. As for her advice to home-bodies, “Pick a place and go.” And who knows, if you play your cards right you might just run into her on the island of Terceira in The Azores!

Connect with Mary on LinkedIn and ask her where in the world she is now!

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