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Sunset over a forest

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Sunset over a forest

Hot Weather and Labels

Hot Weather and Labels The extreme weather patterns across our country (and around the globe) are driving us crazy. Right now we are seeing endless rain, high temperatures and humidity here on the East Coast. This contrasts dramatically to the roasting temps of the Southwest and West Coast to the point we wish we could […]

Green tractor needing fuel labels in a hay field with fall foliage in the background

Fuel Labels Protecting America’s Heartland – Customer Spotlight

Fuel Labels to Keep Farmers Going Farmers have it tough these days. They have it even tougher in this economy. Thank goodness one of our customers specializes in meeting the needs of farmers. Established to assure reasonable prices and consistent supply of petroleum products, this farmer-owned cooperative is not only successful in today’s harsh economy, […]

Subway in an underground train station

Train Labels Riding the Rails – Customer Spotlight

Train Labels in the Subways Subways are a big part of our lives in modern times. Imagine labeling over 175 subway trains made up of four or six cars and then scanning barcode train labels on them in tunnels as the trains swiftly make their way towards their destinations. Sound fantastical? Well, think again, one […]

Blue drum with large white label

Drum Labels Requirements: British Standard BS5609

Drum Labels Have Rules for Water Travel “In the town where I was born Lived a man who sailed to sea And he told us of his life In the land of submarines   So we sailed on to the sun Till we found a sea of green And we lived beneath the waves In […]

total traceability labels set -data matrix graphic with a yellow and blue background

Total Traceability Labels – Now Where Did We Put That?

Total traceability. The ability to trace something back from the purchaser to the very materials it was made from, machines it was made with and tools used on those machines. Total traceability is already enacted in some businesses, and it is turning up the heat on accountability. To facilitate this, total traceability labels are required. […]

Bunk Tags – Calling a Coffin a “Bunk”?

What on Earth are Bunk Tags? One of our customers called us and declared their need for bunk tags to track their inventory. We will admit, we were a little confused by the phrase! Turns out, they are a leading manufacturer of metal and hardwood coffins; they are justifiably proud of their craftsmanship and personalization […]

child stepping on rubber playground equipment stairs

Customer Spotlight: Tired of all these tires?

One of our customers is in the green – recycling that is! When they came to us to discuss a tag application for identifying their products, we had no idea that they were an industry leader in collecting and repurposing motor vehicle tires. By finding practical, eco-friendly applications for discarded tires, this company is ridding […]

Grey Microscope

Microscope Labels – An Optical Reunion: Customer Spotlight

One of our interesting customers that purchases microscope labels has a remarkable history dating back to the mid-1800’s when they first opened their doors as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Germany. Their incredibly complex work covered a wide range of product development. By defining the criteria of sharper imaging in optical lenses, […]

Line of cars waiting in traffic

Vehicle Labels – Imports and Labels

Unfortunately, a springtime increase in import prices on consumer goods like automobiles overshadowed a temporary drop in fuel costs. Some of this increase understandably developed as a result of the unfortunate circumstances in Japan that created supply disruptions and led to a dramatic drop in auto imports during the months of April & May 2011. […]

graphic of gears and a magnifying glass with a yellow background

Are You Searching for ERP and Don’t Know It?

In today’s sophisticated business environment, do you find yourself in need of a system to bring all aspects of business controls together to produce the highest quality, most economical product and maintain the profit margins your company needs to achieve? Have you been asked to participate in a company-wide program to introduce a business management […]

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