Twenty-five years is a long time. Do you remember turning ten and how excited you were to be at an age with double digits?! Turning 10 and reaching double-digits is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as reaching the QUARTER CENTURY MARK! Some may see that a bit differently, but here at EIM we are […]

EIM Receives Award from Keene State College Alumni Association

We are honored to accept the Outstanding Service Award from the Keene State College Alumni Association for our work with Keene State interns, students, and faculty! The Outstanding Service Award, presented annually since 1986, is given to an individual or organization that provides outstanding service to Keene State College through leadership, commitment, and influence in […]

A Toy Company Gets Exactly What They Want This Holiday Season: Labels

We don’t get the opportunity to work with toy companies very often, so we were excited when a New England based toy manufacturer with a well-earned reputation for high quality stuffed animals and plush toys reached out for help with a labeling challenge. They needed a box label for cardboard boxes containing free samples of […]

Forensic Labels for the FBI

Mitochondrial DNA. Blood-spatter evidence. Luminol testing for the presence of blood. OK—so that’s what the popular television shows serve up for forensic fare. It’s exciting and intriguing stuff. All excitement aside, however, there are very practical concerns for real-life forensic work. There must be a clear and unassailable chain of evidence—precisely where barcode labeling excels. […]

A Helping Hand for Green Innovations

To help with these efforts, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, solar panels, and supporting equipment turned to EIM and our industrial labels to help them produce their green products. As a green conscious company ourselves, we were energized to get this opportunity. The customer needed heavy duty labels to provide serial numbers for certain […]

Case Study: Packaging Labels for Bread

Label This Local Business A Success For second generation baker Brittany Migneault, reaching her first year anniversary in business has been about more than just perfecting traditional Italian recipes. It’s also been about building local connections that help The Bread Shed deliver fresh, attractively packaged loaves to stores and restaurants across the Monadnock Region. Brittany turned to […]