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Paul Henkel

A Lifetime of Achievement

Congratulations are in order for Paul Henkel, who recently won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to excellence in a family business at the 5th Annual Family Business Recognition Dinner on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, held in Durham, NH. This award is given to retirees of family businesses who continue to support others in […]

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cake clip art

Innovating Labeling – Part 2: The “Baker” of our Innovation Cakes

In Part 1, we explored the three distinctive layers of EIM. The middle layer—made up of Innovation & Creativity—is crucial for linking our custom-engineered labels and customer service layers together. In Part 2, we will chat about some of the intriguing customer requests that have sparked our innovative process. Behind every great team there is […]

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Innovative Labeling Part 1: Icing on the Cake

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned our 1-on-1 focus with our customers and their inquiries. EIM always strives for more without losing sight of our primary focus: YOU – our customer. Looking back, our mom and pop shop has grown into an enterprise consisting of many layers, while maintaining our original focus on care and responsiveness. What […]

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Important Qualities of a Comprehensive Label Supplier

Electronic Imaging’s Top 10: ADAPTIVENESS: Does your label manufacturer adapt to change and keep up with new technologies in order to remain state-of-the art? Your label supplier (and partner) should be able to recommend the most current innovations to meet your die-cutting and printing requirements. If your supplier’s specialty is too narrow, chances are they […]

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Benefits of an Internship

Some students may think that an internship is a waste of time when they are learning everything they need to know in the classroom. But I say that is wrong. An internship gives so much more than a classroom setting can ever offer. The main advantage of an internship is the on-hand training in a […]

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customer service

Please Press One to…

It’s the last thing you want to hear! You called with the intention of getting something done. Waiting around while a “robot” leads you down a dead end just won’t cut it today. “Please listen carefully to our menu as our choices have recently changed. Please press one to check an existing order…Press two to […]

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shipping and receiving

From Pac-Man to Best Way for Efficient Order Delivery

As a second-generation owner of Electronic Imaging Materials, I started my first job at our company while I was in high school. As we described in an earlier blog post, my father would make calls during the day, take orders, and then make labels late in the night. My mother handled a lot of the […]

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label company


If you’ve spent some time reading the Electronics Imaging Materials website or our newsletter, you know that we pride ourselves on being “Label Experts”. If you’ve had a chance to speak with one of our Label Experts, then you know firsthand the dedication that they bring to the job. Our sales team has well over […]

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Cap and Gown

Employee Accomplishments

Yes, there is life outside Electronic Imaging Materials and barcode labeling, but for three of our employees that has meant making a high commitment to their personal development. In May of this year, New Hampshire’s Plymouth State University recognized MBA graduates at a Master of Business Administration Certificate and Honors Luncheon, culminating their academic year […]

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