Long Range Scannable Retro-Reflective Labels

Retro Reflective LabelNeed some samples?Retro-reflective labels can be scanned up to 45 feet away thanks to infused particles that can reflect light. Premium silver polyesters combined with a high-performance adhesive create a permanent solution for warehouse racks, pallets, and many common industrial surfaces.

Blank retro: Cut to any size and shipped fast for your printing.

Pre-printed retro: Using your location or inventory number system (Excel, text files, etc.), we create customized data and barcodes. Additional custom options include colors, logos, and visual info such as arrows and symbols.

Material Product Description
381 A more durable retro-reflective that packs an indoor and outdoor use for 5 years or more. It also prints well with our T68/T69 Resin Ribbons as well as UV Inkjet and Flexo inks.

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Other reflective label options are available. Give our Label Experts a call at 1-800-535-6987 so we can help you determine which products and services will help you best achieve your warehouse labeling goals.

Looking for compatible long-range scanners? Try the LS3578-ER Barcode Scanner.

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