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barcode printed retro reflective label

Warehouse Rack Labels, Bin Labels, Shelf Labels

Warehouse Rack Labels

Contact an actual personVarious barcoded rack labels attached to warehouse shelving and boxes Location Labels for Racks and Shelves– Quick inventory picking requires being able to locate items efficiently. The solution—durable, long-lasting rack labels. Often white for stand out contrast with special color coding and arrows. Retro-Reflective Label Materials for rack labels are also commonly used for long-distance barcode scanning.

Location Labels for Bins – Totes and Bins can be marked with durable plastic labels that have aggressive adhesives which bond well to all types of inventory & storage containers. Blank for on-site, on-demand printing or custom pre-printed labels are available in 100’s of sizes.

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Warehouse Rack Label Materials

Material Product Description
631 Hard white plastic is designed for indoor applications and limited outdoor use. General purpose, aggressive permanent adhesive and works on most substrates including glass, metal, paint and polycarbonate, but testing is always recommended. View Spec Sheet
381 Retro reflective material has special particles within the label surface that quickly reflect light back to a long-range scanner, allowing you to retrieve barcode information from up to 45 feet away. Made of high-quality polyester with an aggressive permanent adhesive, it is ideal for warehouse barcode labels and warning signs. Color options also available. Suitable for outdoor applications up to 2 years. View Spec Sheet
1749 These super durable white polyester labels can be preprinted and laminated to provide ultimate protection. Great choice for labels that are big and include special coding colors and graphics for racks and bins. Also available as blanks. View Spec Sheet

Some days even we can’t believe how many warehouse labeling options we have! Call The Label Experts to start labeling your racks and bins today.

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