Our new EverPeel® plastic labels are designed to be removed and used time and time again. Thanks to a very special adhesive, Everpeel® labels will permanently adhere to all types of surfaces – including paper, wax, PVC or Teflon – and yet they will cleanly remove from even glass. Some people might even call this a “permanently removable” label.

Stay neat and organized without costly placards, magnets or replacement labels. Save time and messy label scraping when you want to move inventory, including materials stored in cold damp places.

Need some samples?Where can you use a durable, but reuseable label? Besides warehouse bins and racks, how about retail POS labels, furniture and cabinet making, window decals, work-in-progress labels, coupon labels or instruction labels? There are endless ways to use such an incredible label with long-term removability.

REMEMBER: Don’t relabel – remove and reuse our EverPeel® labels!

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