Warehouse Labels

Contact an actual personDurable barcode labels for warehouses, shipping & distribution

Warehousing, distribution and shipping rely on barcode labels for automation and efficiency like no other industry. That’s why Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. provides products with the highest levels of performance and dependability – from labels to printers, software and scanners.

Visit our store for our wide array of warehouse labels and more. Our Label Experts can help you find what you need fast. And if you don’t see a label for your specific needs, we work with you to create a custom solution.

Retro Reflective Labels

Retro Reflective Labels & Signs
For long-distance barcode scanning

Warehouse Rack Labels

Location Labels
Rack labels, bin labels, totem labels

Floor Labels

Floor Labels
Sometimes the floor is the
best place for a durable label

Pallet Labels

Pallet Labels
When your labeling locations
are on the move

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Everpeel® Removable Labels
EverPeel® plastic labels are designed to be removed and used time and time again. Thanks to a very special adhesive, Everpeel® labels will permanently adhere to all types of surfaces – including paper, wax, PVC or Teflon – and yet they will cleanly remove from even glass. Some people might even call this a “permanently removable” label.

Shipping and Packaging Bar Code Labels
For accurate identification, we offer many direct thermal and thermal transfer label types to adhere to all types of containers including corrugated boxes, palettes and drums. Some of the containers require special labels to adhere in cold, damp environments and withstand abrasion and chemicals. Often, you or your vendors will want the capability to print these labels. We can help you with any combination of supplies, printers and software that you need to print these types of labels. We maintain the highest quality in our labels and devices to ensure accordance with the mandates of large retailers.

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