Rating Plate Labels, Nameplate Labels & Calibration Labels

NameplateNeed some samples?Rating and nameplate labels as well as service, instruction, safety, warning and schematic labels are found on all kinds of power equipment, electrical pumps, computers, heating and air conditioning units―to name just a few applications. This durable equipment and machinery requires identification that is just as tough.

Strong labeling materials with clear, legible print convey information that must remain permanently applied to the product―even when exposed to harsh environments such as outdoor weather conditions, temperature extremes, moisture, abrasion, oils, grease and a huge variety of chemicals. The labeling surfaces are just as varied―ranging from plastic to textured and painted metals.

Rating Plate LabelElectronic Imaging offers many label options to fit these needs – including high-quality anodized aluminum metal tags for those situations demanding the utmost in durability. Our expertise, however, is in providing more cost-effective, long-lasting label alternatives made with specially engineered, high-performance durable synthetic label materials and uniquely strong adhesives. To replicate the metalized appearance, we have industrial-grade silver polyester as well as white polyester products.

We are not limited to these materials however as we also have vinyl and other flexible plastic stocks including UL Recognized Labeling Components to fit your budget and application needs. Endless print colors and photographic print quality mean you can include full graphics and logos, special symbols, textured effects and even color-match to your products. For extra protection, we can even add a transparent film over-laminate to extend the life of your labels.

To make your Rating Plate and Nameplate Labeling easy, we offer both Stock Blank Labels and Printed Rating Plate Labels.

If you prefer to get “partially printed” labels that you can complete on-site or need a special label material for harsh conditions, please contact our Label Experts to discuss your application or for FREE SAMPLES.

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