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red rating plate label for machinery

Rating Plate Labels, Nameplate Labels & Calibration Labels

Orange nameplate Rating Plate Label with custom text and serial number

Power equipment, electrical pumps, computers, heating and air conditioning units―durable equipment and machinery that requires an identification rating plate label just as tough.

Our strong rating plate label materials and clear, legible print convey information that will remain permanently applied to your product―even when exposed to harsh environments. For example, outdoor weather conditions, temperature extremes, moisture, abrasion, oils, grease and a huge variety of chemicals.

Blue rating plate label with custom text, make, serial number, part number, and service date

High Quality Anodized Aluminum Tags

EIM also offers many calibration label options to fit your needs – including high quality anodized aluminum metal tags for those situations demanding superior durability. We also provide long-lasting labels made with specially engineered, high-performance materials and uniquely strong adhesives. To replicate a metalized appearance, we have industrial-grade silver polyester as well as white polyester products.

Need some samples?Long Lasting & Cost Effective

We also have vinyl and other flexible plastic stocks including UL Recognized Labeling Components to fit your budget and application needs. Endless print colors and photographic print quality mean you can include full graphics and logos, textured effects and even color-match to your products. For extra protection, we can even add a transparent film overlaminate to extend the life of your labels.

Connect with The Label Experts to discuss your application needs or request free samples.

Recommended Material Description
520 White VOID Polyester Tamper-evident polyester with ultra-smooth topcoat for high quality printing. When trying to remove this label, its patterned, strong adhesive leaves behind a distinct and highly visible “VOID” message. Silver option available. View Spec Sheet
628 White Polyester EnduraLabel Special adhesive technology designed for rough or low surface energy plastics. Combo of face-stock and adhesive is engineered to resist harsh chemicals found in automotive and electronics industries. View Spec Sheet
630 Code-N-Seal Polyester Durable thermal transfer printable product specially designed so you can print your own labels and then place a clear protective film over the labels for extra protection. View Spec Sheet
640 White Polyester Gloss-coated industrial-grade polyester for durable applications in harsh environments and temperature extremes. Great for uneven and textured surfaces such as aluminum and low-surface-energy plastics. View Spec Sheet
690 Gloss White Polyester Opaque white polyester with great dimensional stability and outdoor durability. Excellent heat, tear, and chemical resistance. Good initial tack and ultimate bonding to a variety of surfaces including metal, HSE & LSE plastics, and powder coatings. View Spec Sheet
672 White Everpeel Plastic with Repositionable Adhesive Unique, acid-free adhesive will permanently stick to most surfaces and cleanly remove—even from glass! Reapply over and over again—even to challenging surfaces, for example waxed candles, textured PVC, or Teflon. View Spec Sheet
798 Met-L-Mark® High-quality anodized aluminum metal tags resist temperature extremes, abrasion, chemicals, and extended exposure to extreme weather condition. View Spec Sheet
1380 White Vinyl Flexible gloss vinyl is coated for thermal transfer printing. Adhesive bonds well to a variety of surfaces, such as HSE & LSE plastics, metal, powder-coated paint, ceramic, paper, and fiberglass. View Spec Sheet
330 White Destructible Plastic Thermal transfer label fractures and self-destructs if anyone tries to remove it. Due to its plastic construction, it is waterproof and resistant to cleaning solutions. View Spec Sheet


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