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Silver VOID pattern from a void label on a red background

Security Labels for Tamper Evidence

Prevent tampering and label swapping with destructible and void patterned security labels. After applying, these labels become impossible to remove cleanly, leaving behind adhesive or material that indicates clear intrusion. Durable solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Our security labels are made-to-order in custom full color, graphic, barcoded or simple text prints or blanks, all in customizable sizes and shapes.

Customers love using security labels for:

  • Warranty and “VOID If Removed” labels
  • Government property and assets
  • Medical and pharmaceutical tracking
  • Computers, A/V equipment

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Tamper Evident Material Description
520 VOID Adhesive Durable polyester material with an ultra-aggressive adhesive that leaves behind a distinct “VOID” pattern when peeled off. Works well on plastics, such as cell phone batteries, or metals and powder coatings, such as bicycles. Features a 2-year outdoor rating. Topcoat finishing gives an ultra smooth look. Also available in silver (521). View Spec Sheet 
519 -Removable Clear VOID Designed for applications where a temporary, tamper evident security feature is required, but is also cleanly removed as needed. The adhesive is a unique removable acrylic that will generate the word VOID on the film side but does not leave residue on the applied surface. The performance may vary depending on the type and finish of the surface – testing is recommended. View Spec Sheet
330 Destructible Plastic Instead of adhesive staying behind, this plastic label material will chip and break in pieces when attempting to remove. It’s rugged and weatherproof, so it only crumbles with tamper evidence, not chemical or water exposure. Provides an excellent bond to more challenging applications, such as high surface energy plastics and some metals. View Spec Sheet


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