Frequently Asked Questions – ZebraDesigner Edition

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Printer feeds labels when sent a print command, but no ink is on the labels – or printing is very faint.

  1. Check the ribbon wind direction (See Printer Manual).
  2. Adjust the print darkness (Do this by clicking the down arrow next to “Print” in ZebraDesigner – then select a darkness setting from the dropdown menu).
    Printer Settings
    Adjust Printer Darkness

Printed labels come out, but are not of good quality.

  1. Adjust the print darkness (See Above).
  2. Ensure your print head is clean with a non-abrasive wipe and alcohol or print-head cleaner.

Printed labels come out, but are not aligned correctly on the label.

  1. Ensure you have a proper calibration (See HERE).
  2. Move printed fields on your ZebraDesigner screen to align correctly on actual label.

Printer will not go to a solid green “ready” light, or just continuously feeds labels.

  1. Ensure media is loaded correctly. (See Printer Manual).
  2. Factory reset the printer (See HERE).

Printer will start printing, but then suddenly stop and show a red or red flashing light.

  1. This indicates the printer is erroring in some way. Check to be sure that:
    1. The ribbon is feeding cleanly without getting hung up due to a spindle being over-loaded.
    2. The labels have been properly calibrated, and are fed correctly through the guides.

Printer does not respond at all upon sending a print command.

  1. Ensure all cables are attached and printer turned on.
  2. Ensure Windows is looking for the printer on the correct port (LPT, USB, or Ethernet).
  3. Restart computer, especially if following a recent printer install.
  4. Re-install printer. (See HERE).

Printing comes out with vertical lines or streaks.

  1. The printhead is dirty, as something is obstructing the proper printing, or:
  2. There are printhead elements that are damaged or burned out, and the printer/printhead should be replaced.

For any further technical issues or questions you may refer to your full printer manual, supplied on a CD with your printer, or please contact our Technical Support Team.