Lab Labels for Vials & Tubes

Accurately track your lab samples with vial and tube labels that stay adhered through multiple freeze and thaw cycles, without damage or print deterioration!

barcode labeled vaccine vial with syringe

Our custom products for your lab include CryoLabel® for cryo vials and Cap and Wrap® label sets for tubes.

We make custom lab labels for:

  • Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Virology
  • Genetics & DNA sequencing
  • Cold Temp & Cryogenic Storage
  • Chemical Testing
  • Forensics, Chain of Custody, & Drug Discovery
  • And more!

Home to the Original CryoLabel® Since 1987!

The Label Experts years of experience working one on one with laboratories ensures your vial and tube labels will stay adhered and intact through the chemical processes and temperature extremes crucial to your research and testing!

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