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FAQ: Why aren’t all materials laser printable?

Say you fall in love with a particular label sample, you know it is the perfect label for the job. However, it would be convenient if you could print it yourself on your office laser printer. So, you call up The Label Experts and ask, “Can I get this in a format to print on my laser printer?” Unfortunately, the majority of the time the answer is “no”. This brings us to one of our Frequently Asked Questions: Why isn’t this label laser-printable?

The simple answer: Heat.

The adhesive must be formulated correctly to withstand the high temperatures of laser printing. If it is not able to deal with the heat, the adhesive will ooze out causing printer jams and general messiness. Additionally, some facestocks can’t take the heat either, it can cause some materials to melt causing you an even greater catastrophe!

If the label can’t take the heat, stay out of the laser printer!

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