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A Label Company that Lasts

Company founder Paul Henkel with blank labels In 1987, Paul Henkel and his wife Sue decided to start their own label manufacturing company, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. They dreamed of creating a business culture focused on sustainability and healthy, balanced growth. Determined to set a strong foundation of smart business practices without losing sight of the truly important things in life—people—Paul and Sue started EIM, filling label orders out of their garage in Keene, New Hampshire.

Today, Paul’s son Alex Henkel and his wife Heather Bell serve as President and Vice President and continue to focus on sustainable growth—promoting ongoing research and materials innovation, profit reinvestment, employee development and strong community connections—all pillars of our success in the field of label manufacturing. And Paul’s dream of a different kind of corporate culture? To date, we’ve never had a layoff.

Labels for Every Industry

Our labels have been shipped all over the world—114 countries and counting—and solve both mundane and so-called impossible labeling problems across multiple industries. Our standout markets are Industrial & Manufacturing, Warehouse and Laboratory environments, for which we’ve created labels that can thrive in the grimiest and harshest of situations, not to mention withstand liquid nitrogen conditions. Our continuous product development and ongoing communication with our customers has created multiple one-of-a-kind label solutions. From adhesive free tags that stick to jet engine cores to our one of a kind permanent-yet-always-removable Everpeel material, chances are that over the years we’ve developed a solution to your labeling conundrum.

The Ultimate Label Geeks

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We’re all not-so-secretly Label Geeks! Our ever-growing roster of multi-talented employees is constantly dreaming up new ways to use, test and innovate with every label material we can get our hands on.

We’re beyond family-friendly—as a second-generation family business, we’ve created not only flextime positions for employees with family commitments, we’ve also launched our Babies at Work program, giving some of our awesome parent-label-experts the freedom to design their own schedule and bring their newborn to work with them.

We regularly bring in local college students for internships that often lead to full time positions upon graduation. We’re passionate about employee development and internal promotions—because we know the best team of people are the people who grow with you.

Meet some of our team!

Owner Alex Henkel with retro background President  Alex Henkel
@EIM since 1989 (part-time) full-time since 1999
Alternate Job Title:
Cooltoys Evaluation Officer (CEO)
Out-of-left-field label story:
Brains! A memorable early trip was to a busy city morgue where researchers needed to label and track brain tissue.
If I wasn’t a Label Expert I’d be:
An eco-tourism travel planner.
Vice President Heather Bell with retro background Vice President – Heather Bell
@EIM since 2006
On my office wall:
My U.S.S. Enterprise-D blueprint. I like to let my geek flag fly. Also, it’s a professional workplace with an amazing culture. Engage!
If I wasn’t a Label Expert I’d be:
A novelist. Or an astronaut.
Fav quote by fellow employee:
“Can I eat the stuff in this crockpot, or are we testing labels again?”
Sales Manager Jason Wilder with retro background Sales Manager – Jason Wilder
@EIM since 1995
If I wasn’t a Label Expert I’d be a:
NH Fish and Game Officer
Job perk:
My co-workers. They make coming to work enjoyable!
When I’m not working:
I love being outdoors—skiing, hiking, biking. I’ve ziplined on Mt. Arenal in Costa Rica and traveled to the Ancient Maya site Xunantunich in Belize.
CSR Supervisor Stacey Caouette with retro background CSR Supervisor – Stacey Caouette @EIM since 2007
Job perks: I love working at EIM because of the flexibility and family atmosphere. It’s a fun place to work!
Favorite label story: We provided plastic tags and EnduraLabels to help with displaced caskets due to a hurricane/flood.
When I’m not working: Fishing, spending time with my kids & grandson, bowling, or just chilling by a fire in our backyard.
Account Manager Ed August with retro background Account Manager – Ed August
@EIM since 1998
Favorite label:
Who can pick just one? Labels for atmospheric research, the “Pig Improvement Company”, long-term heart studies, submersible vehicles, law enforcement evidence tracking…
If I wasn’t a Label Expert I’d be:
The proprietor of a used record store.
Account Manager Mary Hattie with retro backgroundAccount Manager – Mary Hattie
@EIM since 2006
Favorite part of the job that’s not in my job description:
Thinking up fun ways to market my Team name -> Team Bacon.
In my workspace:
My yearly wish-board, with images of my yearly goals.
Favorite Countries I’ve traveled to:
Peru, Turkey, India, Ireland, Egypt.
Account Manager Marissa Salisbury with retro backgroundAccount Manager – Marissa Salisbury
@EIM since 2017
What I love about working at EIM:
It’s a very friendly environment and it feels like a family. Lots of personalities—everyone accepts and likes each other.
If I wasn’t a Label Expert I’d be:
Working on the set of Game of Thrones.
Desktop & Printer Support Specialist Joey Cocivera with retro background

Desktop & Printer Support Specialist – Joey Cocivera
@EIM since 2018
Job perks:
Tons of free food and we got to go to the movies on Employee Appreciation Day. The people are nice too.
Meaningful part of the job:
Supporting local businesses, like The Bread Shed.

Electronic Imaging Materials