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Packaging encompasses all sorts of materials used to protect and promote products for sale, storage and distribution. To Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. that means providing labels for everything from high-quality brand identification on primary labels all the way down to tertiary, bulk shipping labels used in warehouses and shipping. We recognize the fact that the quality of packaging (and labels) can reflect directly on a buyer’s perception of a product’s quality, and that they are essential parts of successful marketing. We also know that reliable, easy-to-read barcodes are critical for processing inventories, shipping and―perhaps most importantly―successful scanning of the Retail UPC Barcodes at the cash register!

Contact an actual personOur modern world uses packaging containers far beyond the baskets and pottery of centuries past…often challenging the limits of economical, yet attractive labeling. In designing good packaging, marketers have to consider not only how to make the packaging eye-catching, but also how to make it convenient for users, adding value with features like portion controls or security with tamper-evidence. They have to think about how to prevent physical damage as well and what safety barriers are needed to avoid contamination.

Many of the same issues addressed in general packaging also pertain to the labeling that is used. EIM thoroughly understands labels and packaging applications so as a result, we have Packaging Label Materials specifically designed to meet requirements such as safety regulations like UL or the FDA, materials for a see-through, non-yellowing look on clear containers, and glossy labels for high-resolution, full-color graphic and photo-quality printing. No matter what size, shape or quantity of labels you want – from prototypes to full production runs – we can meet your packaging label needs.

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Packaging containers typically are made of metal, glass, wood, plastics, films, and cardboard. It’s important that the labeling not only be attractive and easy to read, but also remain permanently affixed to those surfaces. We also know that there are times when you want a permanent label that we be easy to take off your product without damaging it. Other issues to address may involve temperature extremes, UV light exposure and general durability. EIM knows how to solve tough hard-to-label packaging applications and meet Primary and Secondary packaging label requirements with stunning, cost-effective custom label solutions.

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